Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning something new

I do not always like to admit that I have just learned a lesson, especially when someone is there to point that whole thing out to me. Today my son had a hard day, those days where they wake up fussy and no one knows why, that's what today was! By the end of the day I resorted to taking S on a walk just so he was entertained and I didn't have to deal with anything. As we came back home I thought we'd sit on the front porch and play with rocks and empty flower pots, S loves putting the rocks in one and taking them out. All of a sudden, brilliance, I'll find something to put water in!! I found his baby bath tub!! He played supper hard, ate a huge dinner, did great for bed time and is peacefully sleeping!!!
Dear hubby decided to point out why I already had learned, our little man needs to get out and play, everyday! We had stated at home and inside today, I thought it would be fun and relaxing, I have never been wrong!! I love that J and I think a like and he had just realized this new stage as well. I just feel so humbled as a mom, everyday I learn a new lesson, some are great and some are not. Today was hard for all of us, but it ended in giggles because I learned something new.

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