Friday, August 17, 2012

Reddit and KLOVE

Those two entities are probably never going to be in the same sentence every again!!

Reddit is self titled as the front page of the internet, it is a place where all sorts of people come together and post links to random things on the interent on sub-pages; example r/atheism is a sub-page where people post pictures, jokes, discussions, articles, etc about atheism.  There are many other pages; r/funny, r/cat, r/tdl (today I learned) and almost anything else you can think of!  I don't want you to think it is totally an atheist web site, but a large number of its subscribers do lean that way.

K-Love is a christian radio station, which can be heard all over the country, and is supported by its listeners.  The hosts of K-Love pray on the air, talk about all things Christian, and allow local groups to advertise their christian events.

Now I suppose you are wondering why I am telling you all about these?! Firstly, I consider myself a Christian in that I follow Christ and Biblical teachings.  Here is where things get  funky.  I do not consider myself an evangelical Christian, or any other type because frankly i think they are silly.  When we moved with a 1 month old from Alaska we lost a very good Church home and in the year we have been here we have not found a church that we really like.  So having been out-of-the-loop for a while I have had a unique vision of the Church today.  It is very interesting to sit in a church service and try to experience things through the eyes of a person who has never been, while all the time knowing what they are trying to get across.  And here is where Reddit comes in.  I will liken it to "know thy enemy" or in this case, the target audience.  I am fairly sure that if churches read what people think about them and their "tactics" they would be very saddened.

The people who are posting on r/atheism are not the lost souls searching for answers I was told all 'non-believers' were.  These people do not think they need anything, in fact, they believe that they have the answers the Christians are looking for.  So many have been told "The message" with words that only someone who already believes would understand, that they did not get the intended message at all.  I hope that I am not discouraging anyone here, but my point is that these two sides are speaking such a completely different language that no real communication is ever going to happen unless we can all find common ground.

I thought of all this because K-Love has an add running for a local "Extravaganza" and one of the featured events is a "Professional Illusionist."   I understand why they are saying that, but at the same time I am imagining the fun that the people on  r/atheism would have with that, and in the end would forget what the add was even about.  And the poor christian would not understand why they are laughing at it.

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  1. Thanks for the thoughts Andrea! I also share your disappointment and frustration with the two extremes and wonder if we can more actively find common ground. And I love your description of evangelical sects and the like being "Just silly". Love it! :)