Sunday, August 26, 2012


My husband recently got home from a 10 day field training exercise. S and I have been adjusting to life with J back in the house, it seems to get both easier and harder each time we go through this.  Sometimes I feel like J has just been gone for one really long day and other times I feel as if he's been gone for ages!  Either way I am always excited when he is back home, I feel like my life is back to where it should be!!
I have so much fun watching my boys interact with each other! S is only 17 months old and he is so expressive and vocal and has such a funny little personality and he does somethings so differently with his dad!  Before J would do something I would tell him how Shad been acting with me and without fail, S would turn around and so the exact opposite with J?! It seems to crazy to me that at such a young age he does things so differently!
The other benefit to having both parents around is that you help each other notice things which you might not have seen otherwise.  J has been teaching S animal noises, I could only ever get S to make a dog sound and i fish sound (yes, its amazing but fish do have a sound) but J can get S to make horse, and chicken and duck sounds?!
My boys are amazing and I love having them in the same house!

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