Monday, August 13, 2012

Grown Up Decisions

My dear friend Q dedicated a post to a conversation we had the other day, I'd love for you to check it out!! Quinn's Life After kids

       Today I had to make, what I have dubbed, a Grown Up Decision.  I do not like to make these. You would think that being a mother, having a BA and being 27 years old I would be totally cool with making Grown Up Decisions; I am not.   These are the things that cause me to stop short and realize that the decision I am about to make might possibly have lasting impact on my future and I have absolutely no clue if I am making the right choice?!  So... I promptly called my mother! I grew up with her telling me a story.  When she was a little girl my mom thought that someday, when she became a mom, in that instant, she would know everything! She was so very disappointed when I was born and that knowledge of the universe did not pour into her as a mother!  She always told me this story when I would ask a question to which she did not know the answer, and I was always appalled that she did not, she is Mom, and everyone knows that Moms know everything.  Again she would tell me the story.
         Secretly I knew she was not telling the whole truth, and I waited for the day when I was "the Mom"  all knowing, without fear, calm in scary situations, ready for anything!!! I am a Mom and I still hate when I have to make Grown Up Decisions.  Maybe 40 is the magic age?!

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