Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This, too, shall pass! I promise!!

My little boy is 19 months old, not yet 2 but getting close.  I always thought that "Terrible Two's" was an urban legend.  As S started getting a little bit older, more toddler then baby, I started seeing less and less of children his own age out in public.  It seemed that I always saw babies and older kids but I could never figure out why I rarely see kids his age  Sure I would see families with multiple children, and they include a 2ish kid, but you don't ever see an only child his age.  WELL tonight J and I solved the mystery, those parents learned that the only way to stop the disaster that was our dinner tonight, is to not go out.
We went to a large group dinner and S melted, it was like I have yet to experience; blood, no eating, screaming, anything you can think of!  As I sat there trying to quickly finish my food, i was looking around and no other children were melting.  But now that I think about it all the families has multiple children or only one young baby.  So I don't think that I am a terrible mother, but I have never done this before, but tonight I felt totally incompetent!  Lots of things in our life have changed recently and the place we went was way more crowded then places we have gone before, and I know that all these factors contribute but Oh My Gracious!!
The hardest part I think about this is feeling helpless and the stress it places on J and I.  Neither of us know what to do, how to react, or how to help S calm down.  So we get stressed and frustrated and take out our crazy emotions on anyone and everyone close by.
All this to say that I sometimes wonder why I has a kid, I love S and he is apart of me that I can not live with out, but on days like today it helps me to stop and really think hard about why I spent 4 years praying for S.  I can't really put it into words but the feelings are still there and I hold on to that vison and promise and love when I want to pull my hair out and throw up my hands in defeat.  I sure have been doing that a lot this past month and I know, as with the previous hard times, this, too, shall pass:)

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