Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today I am thinking about the chosen path for my life right now, I have chosen to be a stay at home mom and house wife, and I will probably follow this path for the next 10-15 years.  Now I know in the grand scale of life that really is not a long time but from where I am sitting it feels like an eternity!  I went to college and I have a degree but I did not do anything with it until after school and it is less then useful with out a nice resume behind it.
I struggle with being a stay at home mom sometimes because this is not where I saw myself as I was growing up, that said, I do actually love being home!! But what I am going to do when all of my kids (if I have more) are in school?  Well, start over and try and find a career that I can start later in life or stay a house wife and volunteer, and I suppose I could just run our home and knit and read all day when I am not baking and cleaning.  So many choices and right now I want the easy road.
My husband just graduated a program that took him 2 years and more hardship then I can barely believe, but he now has an epic career and I am so proud of him!! He did not take the easy road, by any stretch of the imagination, what he accomplished very few people ever even attempt.  I struggle with the motivation that he has! I tend to want the easy answer and can not focus and do that hard work to achieve that goal I want, I usually give up after a small amount of time and go on to the next thing.  I can learn so much for him.
Right now I don't even know what my goal is!! It is hard for me to sit down and work hard when I am not even sure what the end will look like, so I come up with fantastical plans of what I could do, never follow through and just sit and wait for something amazing to fall in my lap.  This all sounds silly after realizing that I had to live with my husband while he was working for his goal.
So, how did you pick your career? Or, like me, are you still dreaming about what you will do when you grow up, all the while your life is not standing still?

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